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Add life to your events

As a gift to your customers, to liven up your events (seminars, company anniversary, cohesion day), to help raise awareness toward an issue your company might be facing, to thank your teams... We offer representations suitable for all audiences. From humor to drama, from realism to poetry, the important thing is to share a moment together!
Our shows have an average duration of one hour. Our tailor-made sketches are ideal for bringing a breath of life to a day rich in concentration.
Interpreted by talented actors and written by renowned screenwriters, our productions adapt to all spaces. No logistical needs, Star Theatre takes care of everything!

Our tailor-made shows

We can create custom sketches or shows that meet your needs, allowing you to communicate on any subject after defining together your needs and your audience. Our intervention will take whichever form is the most appropriate: theatre-forum, sketches acted in the workplace...
We have created small shows for the 20th anniversary of an University, for a natural wine convention, to a territorial session, for a General Council and lots of other events


Our company shows

For all audiences from all walks of life



A humanist and Rabelaisian quest that invites us to get rid of superfluous kilos as much as the weight of new technologies and other consumer products.


Our traveling shows

Perfect to brighten up one of your events, or create the event in an active place

The Umbrella Patrol

The Umbrella Patrols are all-terrain and fit everywhere, indoors and outdoors. The idea is simple: out of sight under his "tent umbrella" - decorated to create the universe of the theme addressed - an actor plays for 3 to 5 minutes for three to seven people.

As a true art form, each patrol combines original text and umbrella creation to form a unit.

In the warm intimacy of this "smallest theater in the world", stories are born to make people laugh, think, and dream.



Our services are on demand.
Contact us:

01 70 69 42 12
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