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Training opportunities

People, the foundation of a company

What objectives?

Improve participants confidence and self apreciation
Improve a team's communication.
Learn to  feel at ease in the relationship with the other

Using work inspired by theater techniques: breath awareness; oral expression exercises and self-presentation group; trust building exercices. Exploration of the individual and the collective: stress management, well-being at work. Oral expression exercises, improvisations, and mock interviews .

Through what means?

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Our pedagogy

Developed by Isabelle Starkier (Former student of the ENS  and lecturer), find our pedagogy in four points:


Posture and Gesture

Facing the world with your eyes and your body
Controlling your movements
Knowing how to express yourself

Define a strategy
To be present

Master your stress
Be present and spontaneous

Know your strengths
surpass oneself
Manage your emotions

What is a training day like?

Theater as a fun and educational tool

Presentation of the training:

Introduction of theater as a teaching tool
Collective games and presentation of oneself and others

Warming up:

Relaxation and breath control

physical warm-up

Posture and gestures:

Mastery of the body

Mastery of space
Mastery of emotions

Oral expression :

Corporal improvisation, gradually moving to speaking improvisation

Invent and share a story as a group and in front of a group

Simulation of interaction to  practice in group

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Collective and individual debriefing

Tips and at-home exercises

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Our services are on demand.
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