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Give a moment of cohesion to your employees, wherever they are

Our remote Teambuilding offer


The principle of escape theater is simple: action, characters, story, twists and spectators participateing live in the story, as close as possible to the actors. Theater for everyone, which can be played from your home, with you, for you. We can accommodate up to 60 gaming stations – that's nearly 120 to 150 spectators. All members of the company are invited to participate together, as a team or against each other!

The texts are produced by experienced authors with a clear, attractive and playful theatrical writing. Our experienced actors know how to the render your messages and the atmosphere of your situations.

Do not hesitate to contact us for new tailor-made scenarios, in line with your entrepreneurial identity and the themes at the heart of your services.



How could a man straight from 2100 help us to find urgent solutions to his problems – and ours? This escape theater on sustainable development inaugurates the series of what we will call, in homage to Bertolt Brecht, our didactic escapes. During this playful interactive investigation, three actors will take us back to 2021, to address the threats hanging over the future of humanity and to consider collective solutions together.



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Divine Diva


The biggest movie star, nicknamed the Divine Diva, is the victim of several assassination attempts. Faced with the impotence of the police, social networks are inflamed and crowds of fans threaten to take justice into their own hands.

The spectators, summoned by Inspector Albert Romain, lead the investigation. They will have to examine the evidence, collect testimonies and especially interrogate the suspects to arrest the one who, in the shadows, tries to assassinate the Divine Diva.

Between La Mouette and Sunset Boulevard, this Escape raises the question of social networks while fleetingly passing through the works of Jean Racine, Jean Genet...

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Don Juan never stops dying, from century to century, unjustly murdered by divine justice. What if in the twenty-first century, we revisited the myth of Don Juan by questioning the story of his death? Everyone wanted Don Juan dead, what if the Commander was simply the easiest scapegoat?

This is what the journalist-spectators who came to attend a funeral press conference will discover during their investigation alongside Sganarelle.

This escape theater is an invitation to travel in Molière's original play through its contemporary rewriting. It also addresses harassment and violence against women.​​

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Alice needs help. Traveling to Wonderland, she tries to help the White Rabbit whose life is threatened by the Queen of Hearts, accusing him of having stolen her pies. Alice will have to investigate with her young audience, in order to question the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Duchess and other characters, before the Queen carries out her threat.

A playful, lively and theatrical access to the work of Lewis Carroll where children will question characters drawn by John Tenniel, the original illustrator of Carrol's work, animated live by actors behind their screens.


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All hotels in France are closed, all hotels in France are empty. And yet… In a hotel in Bergerac, three people are arrested. To the question, “What were you doing in this hotel during lockdown? ", noon can give a clear answer. Inspector Albert Romain, unable to separate truth from fiction, decide to call on the spectators to help him carry out this investigation.

Created during the very first lockdown, this Escape-Théâtre has already toured more than 30 times and marks the beginning of our theatrical saga: the investigations of Inspector Albert Romain.


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